Fiber Optic Cables

Whilst fiber optic cables have been around for long, people know about it. Here are 6 things that you need to understand info:
They will have a solid record

Although, many people started out hearing of these wires in the 1990’s they have been there since 1870’s. Just like any other technology, the cords have been growing and bettering everyday and the can continue being made better.

They can be green

To protect the environment, companies have been coming up with harmless products. Fiber optic cables are one of the harmless products that consume just minimal sums of light to copy data from one location to another. Due to the low energy required, low levels of co2 are released thus the planet is protected. The low energy also means that the price tag on running the cables is low which saves money to network owners. The users in addition have a great experience.

The cable uses light

Most of the data cables known to mankind use power to transfer data, but this isn’t the case with fiber optics. The devices use light thus there is no heat included. Absence of heat means that the cable is not a fire danger; therefore, an individual shy away from installing it at home or office.

They copy data fast

Due to their increased capacity, the units have been shown to transmit data much faster compared to their traditional counterparts. Currently, the units have the capability of transmitting up to 16 terabits of information in one second over a 7, 000km distance. The fast nature of the units and their high capacities equals fewer connections and great experience to both the network owner and consumer.

They will may have a variety of applications

If you ask many people, they will let you know that fibers optic cables are only used in transferring computer data. While the products are heavily used in this application, they are also used in other areas such as: fine art, signs, imaging optics, spectroscopy, gun sights and manufactured Christmas trees.

They are weather resistant

Since the units use light rather than electricity like the traditional units, they aren’t damaged by within rain, temp, cold and other weather conditions.


They are six things that you need to understand about fiber optic cables. To have a great experience, make certain you use cables from an established manufacturer. For the cable to continue working effectively, clean it regularly.