Hunters regularly use 243 ammunition if they are planning to bring home small to medium prey, as this type of ammunition is ideal for any distance in excess of 200 yards. This ammo remains precise, but supplies a mild recoil, and can be purchased in a range of weights and kinds to fulfill the requirements of countless. Numerous shot for the first time using this type of ammo and work with it right now for the previously discussed explanations. In fact, numerous scored their 1st deer with a bullet of this kind. Make a choice from a multitude of weights, covering anything from 55 to 115 grains, and pick the round kind that best fits your needs, such as the soft point or perhaps power point. The minimum snout velocity is about twenty eight hundred feet per second with the maximum running around thirty nine hundred feet per second. Furthermore, you can select the needed barrel energy for any job, running from seventeen hundred to 2600 foot pounds. Regardless of which you decide on, this type of ammunition is extremely precise plus some say it works at up to 400 yards consistently. In reality, it’s so exact the L.A. police department has their SWAT team use this cartridge at times. If you are looking to purchase bullets, be sure to look into 243 ammo for sale, as it might be perfect for anything you expect to do.